"We have been utilizing services from Lab Metrics for over a year now.  They provide trustworthy, highly reliable service and expertise.  I have called upon them at 2am to receive prompt service to maintain operations for our patients.  We consider Ed Paligreeni be a partner in complying with USP 797 and USP 800 as he is a knowledgeable resource for both our pharmacy and facility design teams.  The company is available 24/7 and provides excellent customer service.  We use their services to maintain our equipment and certifications in addition to using their cleaning services.  Furthermore, they provide detailed documentation for all services provided and follow-up occurs in a timely fashion.  Ed and his well trained staff are dedicated to supporting practice changes that improve compliance with USP standards and we are truly grateful for their insight and support."

-Hemali Upadhyaya (Sterile Products Manager, Pharmacy at The University of Chicago Medicine)

"LabMetrics has been a great resource over the years.  They help ensure that we are compliant with USP 797 guidelines in all areas where compounding is performed.  We have 5 IV rooms, 2 chemo rooms, 7 IV hoods, and 5 chemo hoods. Even though we have multiple compounding areas, LabMetrics conducts monthly particulate and bacterial counts, helps ensure compliance with USP 797, and provides a detailed report in a timely manner.  They respond to any issues or questions regarding the IV hoods as well as perform sterile cleaning for any areas that require it.   In addition to that, LabMetrics has also assisted our department with a comprehensive training program for technicians to ensure they are competent in sterile compounding and competent with the USP 797 guidelines.  LabMetrics provides excellent customer service and is available 24/7 for any issues that arise. "

-James Jensen (Pharmacy Manager of Operations and Quality, Advocate Christ Medical Center)